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2021 Kidding Schedule
All does confirmed pregnant via Sage Ag Labs 01/05/2021

Does Bucks Due/Kids Price Reserved Available
Picante Wild Thang 4-4 $800 1st doe retained
Katina Belalu 4-4 $800 1st doe retained  
Lovebug Mr Martin 4-9 $1000 1st doe retained
1st buck reserved
Lovely Belalu 4-22 $600 1st doe retained
1st buck retained
Perfection Mr Martin 3-12 $600 1st doe retained  
Summers Eve Hero 4-7 $700 1st doe retained  
Mary Hero 4-1 $600 1st & 2nd buck reserved  
Sweetheart Belalu 4-9 $600    
 Skrambl Hero 3-19 $500 1st doe retained
1st & 2nd buck reserved
Fancy Hero 4-5 $500 1st doe reserved
1st buck reserved
Rosary Wild Thang 4-7 $550 1st doe retained
1st buck reserved
Noodle Magic Moment 4-10 $550 1st doe retained  
Affair Wild Thang 4-9 $500    
Izzie Belalu 3-15 $500    
Rockin It Wild Thang & Belalu * 4-3 $500    
Simmering Belalu 3-13 $500    
Romance Mr Martin & Hero * 4-4 $500    
Cricket Mr Martin 3-12 $500    
Who-Dunnit Magic Moment 4-21 $500 1st doe retained  
Swift Magic Moment 4-23 $500 1st doe retained  
Dream Baby Belalu 7-16     See For Sale Page
Bluebell Belalu 7- 4     See For Sale Page
Miss Prissy Belalu 7- 11     See For Sale Page
Special Lady Belalu 7-4     See For Sale Page
Sherry Baby Belalu 7-16     See For Sale Page
Wispy Willow Belalu 7-10     See For Sale Page
Hey Babe Belalu 7-9     See For Sale Page
   * This has been a very interesting breeding season this fall.  We normally have no issues with our bucks and fencing during the breeding season, but due to one extremely aggressive mature buck and a young buck who thinks he should get all of the girls we have two does that are now bred to two different bucks.  There will be no bucklings available out of these two does and if any doelings are born we will have DNA testing done on them to establish who their sire is.