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For Sale


For Sale

My Enchanted Acres Way Too Hot
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G6s Normal by Parentage
CAE Neg. May 12, 2015
LA: 1-03 +84(V++)

Because of the difficulty in handling Way Too Hot for Dale & I we are offering Way Too Hot for sale.  He is a beautiful buck with a fantastic pedigree but needs someone with a lot of power to handle him.  If anyone is interested in him we are heading in the direction of Missouri shortly as well as Boise, Idaho and could provide transportation in one of those directions if it can be worked out.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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Senior Does/Dry Yearlings

MOJAVE DUNES SIERRA - She is a 3-yr-old and is a littermate sister to Shasta but not quite as nice in general appearance, dairy character or mammary system. She does have a tightly attached udder with nice height in the rear and nice fore udder extension.  If I were to change this doe it would be to level her over her topline. She has a very easy going disposition but needs a strong hand in the show ring, especially when it comes to setting her up. You can see a picture of her on our Senior Doe page.  She is priced at $300  SOLD

MOJAVE DUNES SENTA She is a yearling milker who has done well for us in the show ring this year pretty well topping her classes. She is a very striking doe in the show ring and very capacious for a yearling milker and milks very well. She has a little issue with her back legs turning above her hooves which happened when she was pregnant. I think it will improve with proper hoof trimming but not entirely. If I were to change this doe it would be to give her a little higher wider rear attachment with a little more strength in that rear attachment. You can see a picture of her on our Senior Doe page. She is priced at $350.  SOLD

MY ENCHANTED ACRES AMARYLLIS The pedigree says this doe should freshen nicely. She has a very open escutcheon area.  She has good dairy character.  What I would like to change about this doe is the fact that she tends to have too much slope to her rump. She is also on the smaller side which could be due to a little tighter line breeding.  She is priced at $250.  SOLD

Junior Does

One doeling out of Blue Ivy sired by Rock-It available.  Blue Ivy is a 2nd freshening 2-yr-old we sold while we were at a show in Springfield, MO.  She LA 87 this year.  She had a level topline, good length of body with a beautiful fore udder that came forward nicely and blended into her body.  We would have liked to see more height and width to her rear udder.  Hopefully, Rock-It has made that improvement in this doe kid.  This doeling is priced at $250  SOLD

One doeling out of Sparkel sired by Rage available.  Sparkel is a big spotted doe with a beautiful udder.  Where I criticized Sparkel was the type of body and lack of dairy character.  Unfortunately we had some issues with mastitis on one side and could not get it cleared up so we were unable to keep her in our herd.  This doeling is priced at $250.  SOLD