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Dairy Goats
Hickman, Nebraska

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For Sale

We are accepting reservations for 2015 kids.  If anyone is interested in a family milker please contact us as we will probably have a few of those available later this coming spring.

For Sale
Bred to War Cry's Show Off

Mojave Dunes Brandy
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   SS:  Alize Unexpected Charm
Sire:  Kudos Farms Joffrey
   SD:  Kudos Farms Scarlet

    DS:  Amberwood Galileo's Eclipse
Dam:  Mojave Dunes Rio
    DD:  Kastdemur's The Award Goes To

DOB:  March 15, 2014

We are offering Brandy bred to War Cry's Show Off for late April/May kids.  If you have any questions about this doe please feel free to contact us. 



Mojave Dunes Rio